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Completed Car Photos

The car has done over 7,000 Kms and is running well. Below are some photos from Cars & Coffee events as well as some shows. People love the PPG paint job as well as the engine. Please visit the sites of any of the photographers that took these images to support them. Enjoy.

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Update : 7 August, 2016

Install the Engine for the Last Time (Well at Least a While?)

Well Its Running!!!!

Well the car is running but the list of items to do is still long. The interior is nearly all done, the Schroth belts are fitted EXACTLY as per specifications which took some work. Also the ceramic firewall is very good at keeping the car cool.

The dash is done, just a small calibration issue with the fuel gauges. Wiring is still not fully covered just to ensure I have easy access for any issues.

The dash is controlled largely through the Haltech system and having the Haltech PDM (Power Distribution Module) has been awesome. One connector to remove the whole dash!

Blue backlighting for night driving was a bit of fun. Now the car also went off for its first Dyno day and all went well. The Haltech system is running the car very well with no issues. I do need to run another day as soon as the engine etc. settles in and will go for power runs then. I really do like the Haltech system, really easy to use and program. Having quad variable cams and running some gauges, fan systems and the rest of the car was a big undertaking but the support from Haltech on a few questions was first class. The car is shown below with tape to protect the paint as the roads were covered with stones in the area.

The car then went off for a four wheel alignment. I had it pretty close but it was great to get it spot on to a starting point.

I still have to finish mirror mounts properly and do many small things and will post more photos when the car looks better. I must also say it really screams, I hope to get some video up but I cannot stop trying to fix or complete little things.

Update : 15 December, 2015

Install the Engine for the Last Time (Well at Least a While?)

See Engine.

Update : 12 September, 2015


See Electrical.

Update : 27 July, 2015

Rear Clip Heat Shield

See Body.

Update : 26 April, 2015

Body Assembly Continues

See Body.

Update : 31 January, 2015


Paint is nearly done! See Body.

Update : 11 January, 2015

Rear Brake Cooling

Completed the rear brake cooling, this should work well. See Brakes.

Update : 3 January, 2015

Reassembly Begins

The reassembly of the Chassis in preparation for the painted body has begun. All parts that are finally torqued are marked so I know what is still loose. Some parts still need to come off to do the final job which is all electrical wiring.

The final fix for the brakes, clutch and lift kit took some time. Lining up all those clip points was a bit of work.

Fitting the gear shift was great. Having it in its final anodised finish looks great.

Assembly of the suspension went well. With all the modifications it was tricky to do. Having all the parts zinc plated for the first time looks great.

Having each part anodised black or zinc plated will allow this look to remain. No paint was used with the exception of the few black steel parts which really is limited to black suspension rods and roll cage which were powder coated.

Finally with parts going on the car I'm getting some room back in my tiny workshop!

May make the rear window surround black anodise, the natural anodise stands out a bit.

Next to fit the engine temporarily. I want the chassis in exact "position" as the body should be ready for a pre-fit to line up and mask out the orange stripe and roundels. Cannot wait for that!

Update : 14 December, 2014

Chassis Colour

Well time to decide on how to finish the alloy chassis. See body.

Update : 14 December, 2014

More Body Prep

Nearly ready for colour! See body.

Update : 13 December, 2014

Alloy Parts

Time to start anodising, plating and powder coating parts before final assembly. Had some alloy parts wet blasted before anodising them. Wow they look great! See Suspension.

Update : 30 October, 2014

Body Work

Holy crap, what a job. I think I will just list pictures! I really do not want to re-live this experience! see body.

Update : 15 October, 2014

Roll Cage Modification

Roll cage was modified to have more head clearance. I'm pretty tall and did not want my head to hit the middle cage bars so they were modified as shown in Interior.

Update : 14 October, 2014

Rear Brake Cooling

A GT40 has ducts on the side of the body for a reason and I wanted them to be functional. Check out body section to see how you can blow 2 weeks of nights in the workshop!

Update : 13 May, 2014

Modified Door Hinges

Update : 23 March, 2014

Custom Stainless Steel Extractors - Finished

Update : 14 January, 2014

Been a While Since an Update

Been working on liquids. The fuel system and water System. See Engine.

Update : 12 January, 2014

Custom Stainless Steel Extractors

Work in progress. See Engine.

Update : 28th October, 2013

Coyote Engine in RCR - NOT SUPERCHARGED!

Well the choice has been made. Holy crap is this engine and gearbox large! See Engine.

Update : 30 January, 2013

Sway Bars

Fitted some adjustable sway bars. See Suspension.

Update : 5 January, 2013

Transaxle Mounts!

Decided to do some transaxle mounts and other bits to the rear of the car. See Transaxle Section.

Also did some work on the suspension here.

Update : 4 January, 2013


See Body section.

Update : 14 August, 2012

More Body Work.

The front bonnet "nostril" panels were modified extensively. See Body.

Update : 30 May, 2012

Keeping the occupant cool

I manufactured a custom AC and ducting. See Interior.

Update : 12 May, 2012

Keeping the engine cool

Work on the Condenser Radiator Fan Module (CRFM) has resulted in a great package. See Engine.

Update : 10 May, 2012

Have not stopped . . .but want to make sure I can!

Decided to do some work on the front brake ducts, See Brakes.

Update : 12 February, 2012

Still Going

Fitted seat belts, See Interior. Also fitted body clips, wiper and front lights, see Body.

Update : 12 November, 2011

Its Been a While!

Fitted some pedals, two types of seats, and worked on door catches. See Interior.

Update : 11 May, 2011

More Work on the Steering Column and Wheel

See Interior.

Update : 30 December, 2010

Time to Work Out the Steering Column

The desire to fit an adjustable compliant column into the car begins. What a job!. See Interior.

Update : 24 October, 2010

The Slowest Build in History Continues - Dashboard

Time to work on the steering and dashboard. See Interior.

Update : 10 October, 2010

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