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It's Been a While Since an Update! - Done a Few Things

I have been spending some time on the car. Mainly decided to do some work on a part I really do not enjoy.... See body.

Update : 30th May, 2010

Drive Shafts

See Transaxle.

Update : 17th March, 2009

Doors and Rear Clip Assembled to the Chassis

See body.

Update : 07th December, 2008

Beginning the Assembly of the Body Panels to the Chassis

See body.

Update : 25th November, 2008

Building Ramps and Raising the Suspension Height

See suspension.

Update : 04th November, 2008

Temporary Coil Over Replacement

To assist in the setup of the suspension I made some small adjustable links to replace the coil over shocks. This means I can setup the suspension in the air exactly as I want it and when I drop it on the ground it will hold the final position independent of the load. I really did not want to have to compress the suspension with sand bags etc.

Also ripped the engine and trans out today to do some chassis measurements, every time I pull it out I freak out at the size of it!

Update : 24th October, 2008

Preliminary Fitment Of Auxiliary Fluid Holder

Our first girl is home. She is already having an impact on the build!

Update : 5th October, 2008

Installed Custom Brake Package

See the brakes page, finally got the calipers and rotors setup.

Update : 1st September, 2008

Preliminary engine and gearbox fitment.

Positioning of the Ford GT transaxle necessitates moving the engine fairly far forward in the vehicle. All the issues associated with this are yet to be fully resolved. The first casualty was the standard water pump assembly. Remote electric is the only way now.

The RCR adaptor plate only "catches" four of the gearbox mounting bolts. Some work will be required on the adaptor plate to improve this situation.

I will be constructing a temporary "bridge plate" for the rear tray to stabilise it after I cut it in the middle to clear the transaxle below.

As can be seen the transaxle sticks out a fair bit at the rear. Holes in the chassis are for air jacks, I'm too lazy to use a trolley jack!

Also clearance for the CV's and drive shafts will be interesting. I cannot move any further forward or the inner CV will hit the rear of the chassis.

Even with this forward position the rear clip will need some additional work to clear the Ricardo transaxle.

Update : 20th July, 2008

Received the gearbox and some of the remaining parts.

Well got 90% of my RCR now. Just waiting on some back ordered parts and a few parts that could not ship in time (CV's Flywheel etc). The gearbox arrived in one piece and I'm very grateful to Fran for securing this transaxle for me. Also received the Ford GT starter, shifter and clutch and pressure plate.

Also finished the trolley support for the lift. The wheels are high capacity and this will allow me to move the car even when totally complete with engine transaxle etc. The car is bolted to it so it will not move while loading the transaxle etc.

Also a small low quality video of the car on the lift. More videos here.


Update : 24th June, 2008

Car arrived today!

Well, my RCR 40 finally arrived today! Due to importation rules the Ford GT gearbox will follow with other parts in another 2 weeks. However the body etc. arrived in good condition. Thanks to RCR for dismantling and packing the parts, they are great sports.

Just threw the parts inside the garage so that I could return the truck!

My electric hydraulic vehicle lift also arrived from the USA with the car. With a 6,000 Pound (2,722 Kg) capacity it will easily lift the entire car with the engine and gearbox fitted.

Also seen below is the new RCR cross member in my chassis. This is just in front of the seat and should not cause any occupant issues. Only drawback appears to be the kinking in the floor pan from the welding when viewed underneath (mine was added at the end of the chassis build, new ones won't have this issue). It has resulted in a downward bump of approximately 5mm in one spot shown with the arrow. Looks like the spot where a lot of additional welding was done. Not a functional problem just looks a bit ordinary (like a big downward dent) when you look under the car.

Looking forward to the next delivery for the wheels, gearbox, seals, suspension, shocks, sway bars, gear shift etc.

Update : 06th June, 2008

Visited RF today in Melbourne Australia.

Go to Other Stuff or click here for more images etc.

Update : 24th May, 2008

All parts are on the way!

Getting excited now that the parts are all on a boat! I think my parts are bottom right!

Update : 7th May, 2008

Dispatch of the kit from RCR

Well the kit has finally been packed at RCR, Detroit USA and is ready for dispatch.

Update : 1st May, 2008

Visit to RCR USA

Shown below are images of the RCR workshop in the USA.

All has been progressing well. Got some good photos of my car (RCR64) in white gel coat. Chose white as color was not confirmed at the time. Also figured being covered in LOTS of white dust would be better than blue or red!

One of the real challenges was the gearbox selection. The choice of a Ricardo Ford GT Transaxle was finalised with a first time trial fitment to a similar GM engine to the one to be used in my car (6.0 lt L76). As the pictures below show, its a tight fit but it "should" be do-able! Huge thanks to Fran for facilitating this check for me.

Click the image below to view the movie file of the installation check.


Update : 18th Mar, 2011

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